Spell Beginners Basics - Instructions & Information

Learn the Basics For More Successful Spell-Craft and Magick

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You needn't be a witch to do magick. Anyone can perform their own effective magick spell. It is not difficult. You need only a strong desire for your outcome, the materials to perform the spell, the time and place free of distractions.
Spells are simply 'the art and metaphysical science of manifesting your desired goal through the use of your will and physical items that embody spiritual energies compatible with your goal.'
There are many ways to do a Spell to achieve a desired goal. I am listing below some of the basics to help you begin to build a solid foundation for your spell-craft.

When should you do a spell?

When you have a need and desire for a specific outcome or goal. It is important to set a clear goal before you attempt the spell. If your intention is vague, you will likely get a vague result.
If the need is urgent, then do your spell right away.

What day of the week should I do it?
As I have mentioned, if the need is urgent, then do your spell right away. It will not make your spell fail if you don't pick the best day. Spells tend to manifest faster when you pick a good day. Ideally, if you have the time to plan ahead you should choose the best day.

Sunday is ruled by the Sun. Do spells concerning success, victory, advancement, leadership, personal power, health, healing, friendship,  joy & happiness. Business ventures, partnerships and promotions.
Monday is ruled by the Moon. Do spells concerning domestic matters, fertility & childbirth, feminine cycles, emotional healing, intuition, divination, prophecy, psychic ability, digging into the subconscious, medicine and gerdening, prosperity & manifestation (full Moon).
Tuesday is ruled by Mars. Do spells concerning war, battle, conflict, defense, competition, lust. Physical endurance, sports, hunting, politics.
Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. Do spells concerning intellect, mental agility, memory, creativity, writing, speaking, commerce especially e-commerce, communication (verbal, written, contractual, technological), travel.
Thursday is ruled by Jupiter. Do spells concerning business success, legal victory, general victory, expansion, wealth, power, honor, politics, financial gain, awards.
Friday is ruled by Venus. Do spells concerning love, attraction, sensuality, beauty, friendship, the arts, music, scents, pleasure, luxury, healing heart ache.
Saturday is ruled by Saturn. Do spells for binding, protection form slander, spells for karmic issues, reincarnation, long term projects, endings and death.



Should I pay attention to the Moon Phases?
If the need is urgent, do your spell right away. It isn't 'bad' to do a spell during the less appropriate moon phase, it may work more quickly, though, when you do. Doing a spell to attract what you want is best done during the waxing moon phase, when the moons size is increasing. Spells to banish, release, let go of things, are best done during a waning moon phase. This is when the moon is decreasing in size. Waxing for drawing, waning for releasing.


Full Moon spells vs. Dark & New Moon spells
Full moons are when the moon is totally full, it's a time of strong 'power' and energy. Doing a spell on a full moon lends great power to manifesting it. Full moons are appropriate for doing spells to manifest your desire and to worship the Goddess. Full moons are good for prosperity & fertility as well.
Dark moons occurs when the moon has not a sliver of light showing, a totally dark moon. Some people consider this the 'New' moon, while some consider the first sliver of light just after the dark moon the 'new' moon. New or Dark moons are a time for new beginnings, finishing or starting a new cycle, healing, starting to attract or draw things to you.

Waxing vs. Waning Moon
This refers to the period between Dark & Full moons. Waxing is when the moon is increasing in size. This period is used for attracting your desire. Waning is when it's decreasing in size. This period is for releasing or banishing what you don't desire. 

Deosil or Widdershins?
These terms deosil and widdershins are more specifically Wiccan, but in this hemisphere, it is the way energy flows, regardless of your spiritual tradition. Deosil means 'clock wise' movement, Widdershins is 'counter clock wise'. Generally, when you are creating a sacred space for ritual or magickal work, you cast a circle 'deosil' going with the natural flow of energy.

How do I focus my will during my spell?
Firstly, you should omit any distractions like television, phone, etc. Prepare in advance any items you will need to use for your particular working, and have them handy. You should be dressed comfortably, not hungry, too full or thirsty. Then, energetically cleanse the space and yourself using cleansing incense, sage, body washes, sea salt or bath salts. You may need to clean up your working space if you find that clutter makes it difficult to concentrate. Then, cast a circle. This contains your energy & focus, and keeps away outside influences. Breathe deeply a few times to center and ground yourself. You may want to intone with your voice to help center yourself. Light some incense to get you in the mind frame of your goal, then proceed with the spell or ritual you have planned out. 

Should I cast a Circle?
Casting a circle is just a way to create a sacred space. It not only protects you from outside negative influences or energies, it contains the energy you are building during your ritual or spell. There are many ways to cast a circle. Some easy examples follow; Cast your circle 'deosil' by walking clockwise, and visualizing a purple flame, or point your wand, athame or finger. Once you've finished your working and release the energy, you can then go 'widdershins', or counter clockwise to erase the circle. Not all traditions use the practice of casting a circle. You can create your own method of creating a sacred space. Just be sure to invoke some magickal protection.

Ethics, Black, Gray & White Magick
Ah, ethics. Opinions vary greatly on this topic. It's never a good idea to do spells that are meant to harm another person. To do so, you may incur some 'bad' karma. Bad karma aside, it's just not a nice thing to do. Black magick are spells that are intended to harm or manipulate another. White spells are meant to help whomever the spell is done for, including yourself. Gray magick is more tricky. There really isn't such a thing as gray magick. I'm refering to  'gray' areas in white magick. Usually unintentional.
This can occur when you do a spell for someone without their permission, however well-meaning. Love spells are a good example of this. People often want to do them to attract a specific person. I reccomend making a list of all the attributes you desire in a partner. Worded in a positive way, such as 'financially stable', not 'no jobless losers' or 'healthy of body & mind',  not 'no alcoholics'. Now, when you are doing the love spell and have someone in mind, set your intention to 'i'd like someone with these listed attributes and many more positive ones, and if it turns out to be the one I have in mind, great, if not, I'm open to the better option'. 

Choose what kind of spell you want to do and the type of materials
First, choose your purpose, new love, employment, house blessing, etc.
Then choose your materials. Candles, charm bags a.k.a. conjure bags, mojo bags and gris gris. Work out how and when you will do it beforehand.

Candle Colors
Black- Banishing, repelling, releasing, protection, binding, uncrossing, reversing, breaking bad habits, sometimes element of Earth.
Blue- Communication, fidelity, wisdom, truth, healing, peace, calm, home protection, planet Venus, element of Water.
Brown- Influencing friendships, special favors, court cases, autumn equinox, regeneration, grounding, prosperity, earth & nature magick, responsibility.
Green- Healing, money issues, gambling, abundance, fertility, agricultural magick, spring, new beginnings, planet Mercury, mother earth, element of earth.
Orange- Business & career goals, happiness, property deals, ambition, general success, justice, legal matters, selling, road opener, block buster.
Pink- Attracting romantic love, planetary goodwill, friendship, harmony, nurturing & caring, releasing grief, unconditional love.
Purple- Psychic ability, meditation, spiritual power, hidden knowledge, releasing bad habits, self assurance, confidence, ambition, control, commanding.
Red- Masculine energy, passion, love, lust, speed, courage, element of fire, planet Mars, physical vitality, power, reversing.
White- Full moon magick, spirituality, devotional magick, general prayers, illumination, initiation, pet magick, feminine mysteries, the Goddess, peace, higher self, divinity, a substitute for any other color.
Yellow- Solar gods & goddesses, solar magick, or to represent male gods (use grey or silver for the goddess), or a successful job interview, block removing, intellectual pursuits, memory, learning, happiness, confidence, element of air.

How Do I Break a Curse?
Uncrossing, Un-jinxing, Exorcism, Banishing, Reversing, Protection, Psychic Protection baths, washes, candles, incense & herbs can be used to clear away hexes. Take a bath or shower with soap, wash or salts, then smudge yourself & home with incense, (sprinkling salt across thresholds & window sils helps too), then light your candle. Work in a counter-clockwise direction where you can. We stock many products. I recommend doing the uncrossing spell for 9 days, or at least three if all the symptoms disappear. 

I'm posting this spell below, because we used it so often for customers when they'd come into our store. I guess we have a lot of ghosts in Los Angeles.

Ghost Removal Ritual -
This is a crossing over ritual.

Ask yourself these questions first...
1. Are you sure it's a ghost associated with the property and not a relative
just visiting?
2. Do you recognize the energy of the being? Make sure it isn't a spirit guide.
3. What events, if any, happened prior to you noticing the disturbances? House
remodeling, baby was born, you brought a new pet into the home? Sometimes pets
and children attract 'fairies' to play and protect them. If the fairy is being a
nuisance, you can ask them to stop.
4. Did you buy or acquire any antiques recently? Sometimes they can have a
spirit attached.
5. Is the place known to be haunted? Was there a death there in the past?
6. Did someone in you know recently pass away?
7. Did you try asking what it wants? That alone may get rid of it.
Once you know it is an earth bound spirit that doesn't belong there, you need
to decide what deity you will invoke to protect you and to cross it over. I
suggest Archangel Micheal or Hecate. They work with ghosts. But there are many
others you can petition, such as Anubis or Papa Legba.
Then you will need either Archangel incense and/or candle, or hecate incense, and
some of our 'ghost removal' or if it's very negative, scary or harmful,
'exorcism' incense.
First, ask the deity to help and offer the incense/candle/wine or whatever you
have chosen. Tell them that you have a soul that needs to be released from
your living space. And for your protection while this portal is open, and to
please close it up after the spirit is gone.
Offering: Put out the offerings.
Evoke: Ask deity for help. I also call on the entities ancestors, as well as mine to escort the spirit away.
Visualization: Then, light the loose incense ghost removal or exorcism. Visualize a 'light' tube with vacuum suction coming out of the sky and covering your entire
property. It will 'suck' anything harmful out. Visualize the spirit not having
a hiding place, since the place is flooded with light and suction.
Smudge: Walk counter clockwise in each room smudging with the incense while
visualizing it leaving. Go in closets, showers, outside yards, etc.
You will 'feel' when you are done.
Ending: Thank the deity for helping, visualize the tube of light disappering and all portals closing, and that should be the end of it.
Usually once is enough, but sometimes a second ritual is needed if it's a stubborn one.