Tumbled Lodestone (Magnetite), One Piece

Price: $1.00

This batch of tumbled Lodestone is small, each piece measures approx. 1/2".

Properties: Lodestones are natural magnets! Magickally, it has been used in spells to attract one's desires for centuries. Placed in a charm bag with herbs and other items, it powerfully helps draw your desire to you.

Essential for healers, this stone can be used to align the aura and energy flow, chakras & balancing polarities, as a grounding anchor it works well with other higher chakra stones, can activate Kundalini flow, helpful for psychics to ground any excess energy & preventing burnout, physically it can be used to balance emotions during hormonal changes, PMS, menopause, puberty, balances endocrine system, helps increase bone marrow and red blood cells for those with anemia.

Uses: Put under your pillow, carry in a charm bag or pocket, hold while meditating, add to a jar candle spell.

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