About Us


CauldronKitty is an ethical online biz (we closed our physical storefront by choice after 10 years when Lorna got married in 2012), providing folk-magick, witchcraft, wiccan, pagan & spiritual products, including our own brand of hand made products.

CauldronKitty was created to educate & provide customers with hand blended, high-quality, witchcraft products, made traditionally with authentic, natural ingredients, by experienced witches. We want to share the knowledge of centuries-old, tried and true practices, providing a powerful tool to help you achieve your life goals.

CauldronKitty's best selling product is our line of hand poured 'dressed' soy jar candles Spell in a Jar Candles . They come with instructions and are very easy to use and are extremely effective.
Our products smell great, work well and are made in small batches.
A Witchy store for those who care about Quality & Authenticity!

Catalog - Sorry, we do not print a catalog or correspond via postal mail.
Monthly Coupons - Please join our email list at the bottom of this page to get regular coupons, discounts and free products, like your 13th jar or votive candle purchase Free, only for registered customers.
Returns/Refunds - All Sales are Final.  We do not accept returns. There may be exceptions made. Please email us if you have an issue with a product.
Damaged Shipment - Damages must be reported within three days of receipt. How and what products may be replaced will be discussed via email, based on each individual case.
For damages, please keep your box that it was shipped in for the shipping claim to receive reimbursement.



CauldronKitty also offers Spell Casting Services done by Lorna herself.


We have an offering altar for the Faery folk. Faery do live there! Our kitty 'Mandrake' watches them often.

Lorna is available by email to answer questions, do Tarot readings or offer spell advice and instructions.
Having the Los Angeles store front for a decade, has given her invaluable 'in the field daily' expertise that few online witchy stores have. She has many regular customers that have been coming to her for years.
Bio: Lorna has had in interest in the occult and paranormal since childhood. Her mother introduced her to tea leaf reading, tarot cards and metaphysical books from an early age. Awareness of the Otherworld has always been a part of her life.

Incorporating spells into her daily life always came naturally, and eventually the pull to go fully down this spiritual path became too strong to ignore. After years of creating customs spells for friends, she decided to provide this service to the public through her retail shop & online business Cauldron Kitty, which opened in 2003.

Since then, she has become a respected figure in the pagan community. And the journey continues...

Store front, before we went completely virtual in 2012.

Sshh Mandrake is sleeping...zzzzzz