Courtesan's Seduction Spell Candle Votive - Travel Tin

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This scent is our tribute to the many famed Venetian Courtesans throughout history. The hieght of this period was during the renaissance period, but lasted until the late 1800's in Europe.
Courtesans were high class, beautiful women, educated, and fluent in dance and music during a time when other women weren't permitted to educate themselves.
They enjoyed decadent and liberal lives, while it lasted.

YES, this will work for your own seductive purposes. To attract new opportunities and to spice up things in your boudoir. Customers have confirmed many times that it works!
Can be used by both men & women alike!

Dressed for increasing passion & sensuality in the boudoir. For use by both men & women of any sexual orientation. Also most effective in attracting new prospects and sensual encounters.

Scent: An opulent and lusty scent of oriental-florals, night-blooming jasmine, musky red rose, sandalwood, cardamom, coriander and more spices and dark resins, sure to make you feel like a sex god or goddess. Customer feedback on this product has been excellent!


Blessed and hand poured using 100% soy wax and natural high quality fragrance.

They come dresses with glitter and charms, shrink wrapped and labeled with simple instructions. Burns approximately 18 hours.

Comes poured in a 2 oz travel tin. No votive holder necessary.

A CauldronKitty product. 

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