Faery Favors Incense Sticks

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For encouraging interaction with 'the fair folk', including nature spirits of all variety, flower and tree faeries, elves, gnomes and water sprites. A positive relation with them can help protect your home, make your garden beautiful, play with your pets, or find lost objects, help in healing process, banish depression and so many more thing. Only those fae with good intentions are attracted. This scent was inspired by my own personal experiences with Faery. Which have been truly amazing. This incense can be used as an offering to them.

Scent: Like walking into an ancient fairy-tale garden with flower covered stone walls, wise old trees covered with green moss and mistletoe. Thick and wild with raspberry & blackberry vines. Lots of red currant grow here too. Glittering dew drops shine like gems on ferns. A lovely place where you can feel the magick and many hidden eyes watching you.
Scent Notes: Sweet Pea, Red Currant, Blackberry, Earthy Woods, Dirt, Green Notes.


Hand made, soaked for a week using quality fragrance and essential oils. 12 premium hand sorted sticks in a ziplock bag.

A CauldronKitty product.

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