Mercury Retrograde Magickal Oil

Price: $9.95

What happens when Mercury is in retrograde? When a planet goes retrograde, this motion makes it appear to be going backwards in the night sky. Mercury does this three times a year for approximately three weeks at a time.
Mercury rules mental processes, studying, communication, travel, computers & machinery, legal contracts,  business deals and operations.
During this period we tend to experience more delays and difficulties with travel and machinery such as computers, writer's block, mental or verbal confusion, communication problems of all kinds, contract and legal difficulties, relationship misunderstandings. Astrologers guard against starting anything new during this period. But there is an up side too. It is a good time to re-do things, finish things that have been unfinished, having a second chance to make it right.

Relieves influences of 'Mercury Retrograde', so you can move forward smoothly without delays, difficulties, misunderstandings. Mercury rules mental processes, studying, communication, travel, computers, business operations.

Scent: Made with plants ruled by Mercury and chosen for their magickal properties. Fragrant fennel, lemon verbena, and lemon-grass are the main oils used.

Directions: Anoint charm bags, candles(blue & orange) or yourself, or any object to energetically charge it, like a crystal or pendant. Can be used in oil diffuser/burner, added to sea salt to make bath salt, worn on skin like perfume (your secret weapon), or any way that you can think of.

Not to be taken internally.

Ritually & magically made by the witches at CauldronKitty.

Hand blended, high quality essential & fragrance oils in a fractionated coconut oil base. Comes in a .5 oz amber glass bottle with a dropper cap insert.

A CauldronKitty product.

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