Mermaid Dreams Incense Sticks

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Use for dream-time journeys with mermaids and/or for enhancing your intuition, for emotional cleansing & healing, revealing and remembering your deep subconscious memories, Full Moon magick, beauty spells and the enchantment of any man or men you wish to attract. Can be used by men or women for these purposes. Also used to honor all Sea Goddesses, such as Yemaya.
Extinguish flame prior to sleep.

Scent: Brings to mind the sea shore at night, the rippling reflection of the silvery moon, and the airy, sweet fragrance of Hawaiian flowers mingling with fresh, salty sea sprays. Pure magick. That's what this scent conjurs.

Hand made, soaked for a week using quality fragrance and essential oils. 12 premium hand sorted sticks in a ziplock bag.

A CauldronKitty product.

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