Osiris Cartouche Pendant

Price: $22.95

Osiris cartouche  2" x 3/4"

Osiris King -- Consort to Isis Queen.

Supreme god of the Underworld and the firstborn of Geb and Nut (earth and sky). Osiris offers the chance of resurrection to any pure soul.

Sun god and manifestation of the pharaoh after death. He civilized Egypt and taught humankind how to cultivate crops.

Osiris holds the scepters (crook and flail) of kingship and wears a crown consisting of ram's horns, a tall centerpiece with cobra and plumes.

The most venerated Divine Youth was the Egyptian Osiris, who was annually resurrected by Isis to bring fertility to the Nile valley. Here we present one of the most famed depictions of this vital deity.

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