Purification Spell Candle

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Dressed for psychic protection, to cleanse away old heavy, negative energies from your body & soul, home or office, and to create a pure environment.

Energetically cleansing on a regular basis maintains a healthy mental & spiritual state of being. It is also essential after a stressful period or prior to doing any kind of spell-work.
Also use when moving into your new home. Healers seeing many clients in a day use this candle to clear their environment.

Scent: Cleansing herbs, rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon and white sage. Smells clean & pure.

Stone: Black Tourmaline gemstone and fragrant herbs. Pure white wax.

Blessed and hand poured using 100% pure soy wax, cotton wick and natural high quality fragrance. Burns approximately 50 hours. 3.5"x3" Jar. Complete with easy-to-do instructions.

A CauldronKitty product.

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