Spirit Offering Spell Candle

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This is our ancestor, spirit & memorial candle!

Dressed for giving honor and thanks to ancestors of any variety, whether personal or cultural. An example might be your grandmother who's passed on, or the voodoo loa or orisha, any of your favorite deities.

Use as an offering for petitioning help, guidance and blessings. Or just as a memorial to someone you love. Use all year round. A great choice for funerals, crossing over ceremonies, memorials, Day of the Dead and All Hallow's Eve (Samhain).

Scent: A soft, airy scent of fresh lavender buds, crushed purple violets, delicate white & pink callalillies, with under tones of wet, freshly turned soil. Smells like an ancient, lush church or cemetery garden after a light rain. One of Lorna's favorite fragrances.

Stone: Amethyst gemstone and fragrant herbs. Palest lavender wax.

Blessed and hand poured using 100% pure soy wax, cotton wick and natural high quality fragrance.  Burns approximately 50 hours. 3.5"x3" Jar. Complete with easy-to-do instructions.

A CauldronKitty product.

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